THE COURT REPORT – June 17th. 2021

The Case of: Don’t Mess With My Man

A Dangriga woman’s fork attack on a girl she claim she caught with her man- lands up in court and almost send to jail for her actions- Chief Magistrate sparred her from direct jail when she imposed suspended sentence of 3 months!

by Anita Nembhard
Freelance Writer
Belize City, Thurs. June 17, 2021

A Dangriga woman became jealous and her anger got the better part of her causing her to attack another woman with a fork and stabbing at her; she is lucky to have been sent home on a three months jail term referred to as a suspended sentence.

So while she was sent to jail for three months, 24-year-old Ashley Coleman of the Sampson area, Dangriga is home with her baby.

She appeared before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser in Court #1 at 3 this evening where she pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated assault with a dangerous article, a fork upon Lynnae Lopez.

Coleman who was unrepresented wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the offence and explained that she never intentionally meant to harm anyone.

After the facts was read out in court, Coleman was not in agreement with facts, saying the victim told lies against her.

In the facts, Lopez, a resident of a Guadalupe Street address reported to police that yesterday, June 16, 2021, at around 2:00 p.m., whist at home and unknown Creole woman entered her house through her front door with a fork in her hand.

As a result, according to Lopez she and the woman got into a verbal altercation and that is when the woman ran towards her in a striking motion making attempts to stab her but missed when she managed to grab her hand.

During the altercation, Lopez neighbor, Dwayne Cooper who resides upstairs intervene separating the two women and the police arrived at the scene.

During his intervention, Cooper was stabbed but has not made any report against Coleman since he happens to be her boyfriend.

In court Coleman explain that she acted in such a rage when she saw her boyfriend Cooper with another woman in the house. She said he appeared startle to see her come and she believe she surprise him while he was with another woman.

Coleman got angry and ran upstairs and got a fork.

She explained that she was of the view that he Cooper was with another woman and she got jealous and angry. She said she was sorry for her actions.

Chief Magistrate Fraser asked her to give her a good reason why she should not send her to jail since she made jealousy ans anger got the better part of her.

Coleman explain that she was a mother of a two year old still breastfeeding and that she need to be home to care for her as no one else is supporting her financially and that she has an opportunity to start working in Belize City on Monday hence why she was moving in with Cooper at the upper address of the house where the incident occur.

But while the Chief Magistrate sparred her from jail time for now, Coleman was imposed a three months suspended sentence where she must remain out of trouble and not be arrested or charge with any offense for a period of 18 months or she will go to jail for three months order the Chief Magistrate.

Coleman was also order to stay away from the Guadalupe Street address effective tomorrow Friday, June 18, 2021.

That is because she was given the opportunity to return today to collect her personal belongings and to pick up her baby.