Belize: Only At 3% Fully Vaccinated – A Problem Throughout The Region

The government’s efforts to reach a goal of 58% of Belize’s population fully vaccinated has been challenging for the Ministry of Health. To date, as of ‘June 10th.’ only 3% of Belize’s population is fully vaccinated.

Those challenges are widespread throughout the region, and many governments in the region are mounting educational campaigns to help people get vaccinated. But in some countries the challenge is not having enough vaccines. As is shown on the most recent data by statistics website Statista,

Additionally, we researched another bit of vaccination data to find out the percentage of people that are fully vaccinated in neighboring countries and CARICOM countries. The data-table below shows the population and percentage fully vaccinated for several countries in the region.

CountryPopulation % Fully Vaccinated
Belize410K *3.1% Fully Vaccinated
Jamaica2.9mil.8% (less than 1%)
Trinidad1.4mil.7% (less than 1%)
Barbados280K21% Fully Vaccinated
Cayman Isl. 65K72% ( Fully Vaccinated )
Guyana785K10.2% ( Fully Vaccinated )
Guatemala16.6mil.8% (less than 1% Fully Vaccinated)
Honduras9.74mil.6% (less than 1%)
Mexico127mil11.7% ( Fully Vaccinated )
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Interactive Data By REUTERS: Global Vaccination Data

According to ‘Statista’, the data said that Belize had only 21 doses per 100 people; meaning we had just enough doses for only 21% of our population (Before the Mexico Donation).

The donation of 100,000 doses from Mexico will now increase that to approximately 35% (based on the calculation that 100,000 doses are for 50,000 people who will get fully vaccinated with both jabs.

On Friday June 11th. a jet touched down at the P.G.I.A and waiting on the tarmac were several representatives of the Ministry of Health including the Minister of Health and others from the medical community.

The arrival was a donation of 100,000 doses of Astra Zeneca Vaccines that Mexico has donated to Belize, in its vaccination campaign.

Mexico has very modern pharma-factories and in late May they became the primary country in the Americas that will bottle and supply Latin America with the Astra Zeneca Vaccines. The active ingredient in the vaccine is produced in Argentina.

Courtesy: Government of Belize Video
Belize Receives COVID-19 Vaccines from Mexico

Belize is the first country to receive 100,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from the Government of Mexico as part of an ongoing effort to increase access to vaccines within the region.

Posted by Government of Belize Press Office on Monday, June 14, 2021

On May 21st. Reuters reported, “The Mexican government previously said Thursday’s shipment contained about 1.2 million doses. Under the deal with AstraZeneca, Argentina makes the vaccine active ingredient that is then bottled in Mexico and sent across Latin America.

Up to Friday, June 4th, 12,270 residents had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This represents only 2.93% of Belize’s overall population of 419,199 according to the latest SIB figures. But since only those 18 and over are being vaccinated, the target is 58% of our entire population.

Vaccination began at the start of March and is proceeding slowly. To increase the numbers in hopes of arriving at herd immunity through vaccination, the Ministry of Health and Wellness says it will partner with businesses to find ways to offer people incentives to get vaccinated. In some instances elsewhere, this has taken the form of offering discounts to those with vaccine certificates. The Ministry says announcements for vaccine incentives can be expected in the next two weeks.

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More Belize data on REUTERS INTERACTIVE global Vaccination progress

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