6 Kilos Of Cocaine Found By Cops In Dangriga Raid

On Thursday, June 10th, 2021, at about 2:30 p.m., Police conducted a search at a residence on Poots Martinez Street, in the Rivas Estate Area of Dangriga Town. The search led to the discovery of 5 parcels of suspected cocaine, which amounted to a total of 6161grams, or 13 1/2 pounds. The suspected cocaine was found in a washing machine.

The ‘suspected cocaine’ bricks were marked with what is believed to be code words or graphics such as ‘100%’ and a part of the emblem of the Mexican flag. It is not believed that those markings have much meaning, beyond the code used by traffickers that indicates who the shipment is for. ( an American or Canadian or Chinese man may choose that his drugs be marked with the Mexican flag )

Many people have mentioned that the cocaine bricks found in recent years are now wrapped in waterproof-sealed plastic, which would make the contents protected from water; even if it were submerged in the sea.

We rarely report on speculations, but it has been widely speculated that the drugs are from the plane that reportedly landed in the sea just off the coast of Plascencia on May 25th.

Present at the house at time of the search were, 25 yr-old Rashad Oscar Garcia, – 28 yr-old Anthony Garcia, – 24 yr-old Bobby Anthony Castillo, – 29 yr-old (Honduran boat captain) Kevin Welcome; and a 16 yr-old male minor. All persons are in detention pending charges of drug trafficking.

Based on the markings of the cocaine-bricks, the obvious conclusion is that it is cocaine and it was from a ditched shipment destined for the U.S.

If this recent cache of drugs are part of the contents of the drug plane that went into the sea on the morning of Tuesday May 25th. Then there is probably a lot of cocaine in the south that were collected by seamen and ‘white-lobster’ searchers that comb the beaches and coastline for such bricks after a drug ditch at sea.

Editors Note: The term ‘white-lobster‘ is a street term for cocaine bricks floating at sea.