The long history of the once very-active and useful ‘Commerce Bight Port’ has seen many ups-&-downs over the years. The port is essentially a ‘Pier’ that juts out into the sea and a large swatch of land (approximately 8.5 acres) with a small building for an office and or a watchman.

The Commerce Bight Port was once a major port, for the 100s of tons of citrus and bananas that would be loaded onto ships that were bound for the U.S and European port cities. It was so busy back in the 1960s that a railroad linked to a rail system from orchards in the Stann Creek district would bring containers of product all the way to the end of the pier.

Commerce Bight Port – Pier, a train delivers fruit produce to a ship at the port 1960s
( image courtesy: National Archives Belize )
Commerce Bight Pier – Google Maps

Many years ago the location of the pier, which is approximately 1.5 miles south of Dangriga town, was chosen by foreign agricultural business prospectors because the location has natural deep-water characteristics that is perfect for ships to come very near to the shore. (ergo: No or very minor dredging is necessary)


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The recent revelations of a corrupt agreement made by the previous administration went to the Senate today and the most interesting motions of today’s Senate sitting (Friday June 4th.) was the motion to undo a $5,000 per/year ( or the equivalent of, $417 per month) lease of Commerce Bight Port to a company named ‘Recological’ which has no history of port operation.

On Friday May 28th. the business deal between the previous administration and Recological was made public at The House of Representatives.
An appeal to “Let’s Find Solutions”

One week later, On Friday June 4th. the ‘Motion’ was heard in the ‘Senate’,
The legal points made in the debate by Senator Osmany Salas points out that the first red-flag was that the deal violates the Finance & Audit Act. and the National Lands Act. He indicated that the matter may well end up in the courts. Based on the Finance and Audit Act the Government of Belize has a very strong case.

Former UDP Minister Edmond Castro shaking hands with Alan Gobie, the principal of Recological
Alan Gobie – Recological

Jobs & Opportunities

Earlier in May 2021 about 15 low wage labourers were seen at the site clearing bushes and shrubs on the compound. The workers were seen on camera in a news cast on Love News proclaiming their support for Recological and the need to earn a living. It is unclear if they were temporary workers or permanent employees.

The expansion and growth throughout the country will increase the amount of goods and exports that will need a port to handle the increase in shipping. Although agricultural produce are handled by the ‘Port of Big Creek’ some see tremendous opportunity in another port in the southern part of the country.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Saturday, June 5th. 2021 –