Air Travel To & From Belize Ramping Up

COPA Airlines, one of the top airlines in Central America has resumed daily flights to Belize. The BTB (Belize’s Tourism Board) has been campaigning for air carriers to resume service while maintaining strict COVID-19 protocols. Today Tuesday June 2nd. a COPA Jet landed at the P.G.I.A this morning.

The company had announced back in late March 2021 that they would resume service to and from Belize’s P,G,I,A in June; so today was a welcomed arrival to stake-holders in the sector.

COPA Airlines operates in 75 cities and 31 countries throughout the Americas ( Central, and South America and the Caribbean).

One of the key conveniences that the airline has introduced to the region and especially for the Belize-Caribbean-Link is the benefit of traveling from Belize to certain Caribbean islands without having to travel through Miami.


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A company statement on its website said ,
“Starting in July, Copa Airlines will increase service to six destinations: Curaçao, Montego Bay, Mendoza, Recife, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa.”

“With these additional flights, Copa looks forward to fostering stronger business and commercial ties between these cities and the rest of the Americas.”

COPA Airlines began offering flights to Belize in December 2015. COPA Airlines is the largest Airlines servicing Central America and the Caribbean. with flights to 31 countries including US, Canada, South America and Europe.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Wednesday, June 2nd. 2021 –

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