Sitting of The House of Representatives – News Developments Live – May 28th. 2021

The Speaker Correcting A Junior Member of the House about Procedures

Friday’s sitting of the ‘House Of Representatives’ opened with a volley of complaints by the Opposition UDP’s (Junior member of the House) ‘Shyne Barrow and (Leader of the Opposition) Patrick Faber. The complaint’s were about ‘Standing Orders’ and ‘The amount time available for questions to be submitted to Cabinet Members by the Opposition’. the following are segments of complaints made by the opposition UDP members. Most notable on the UDP side was the absence of Hugo Patt and Denise Barrow (Sista B).

FACT: The junior member of the House of Representatives has just entered politics in early 2020 and has had no experience in politics or parliamentary procedures. He is attempting to catapult himself beyond the duties of area-representative (for mesop) and to be first to speak because his father was once the prime minister of the country. Seasoned politicians and observers in the gallery seemed uneasy in their chair as the ‘former-rapper’ lectured the ‘Speaker of the House of Representatives’,

Prime Minister John Briceno
The PM ‘Tabled a Paper’ for the acquisition of a new Passport system because the current system is old and dilapidated. He also mentioned that the reason the government has leased a new residence for the Governor General is because the current GG’s residence, ‘Belize House’ in Belmopan is falling apart.

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the ‘Productive Service Sector Of Belize’s Economy’ represented almost 55% of Belize’s Economic output. The Tourism Industry had contributed to almost 45% of that economic sector and the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing ) had accounted for the remaining 10%. The minister of Tourism Hon. Anthony Mahler responded to questions posed by Albert area representative Hon. ‘Tracy Taegar Panton’, in his response he outlined the efforts and plans to revive the Tourism sector.
Referenced Document: Tourism Data

A Corrupt Deal
Listing of the days motions
The most contentious moments of the House of Rep’ debate occurred when a motion concerning the ‘Commerce Bight Port’ ( Corrupt Deal ) was presented and the debate got lively. P.M Briceno used terms such as “I did not Yield’ which we had to go look up in old British House Parliamentary Rules & Procedures; which are the origins of Belize’s Parliamentary procedures.

Representative for Stan Creek West, Hon. Rodwell Ferguson chimed in with comments concerning rapping up the debate, and Constitutional & Political Reform Minister Hon. Henry Charles Usher chimed in with rules and standing orders that the Speaker of the House had already ruled on. The speaker of the House then concluded the sitting by announcing all the motions of the session.
For Similar Bad Behavior Elsewhere

Written & Compiled by: digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – – Saturday, JMay 29th. 2021 –