The Public Service Union (PSU) has staged several ( so-called 15 minuets) traffic disruption protest at 5 locations in the country near bridges.

This morning (April 19th.) there were traffic jams near
1. Haulover Bridge
2.Chetumal Street Bridge
3.Tower Hill Bridge in Orange Walk
4. Joe Taylors Bridge at the entrance to PG
5. The Roundabout @ the entrance to GP Hwy. in Belize City

On Sunday the PSU sent out a statement encouraging it’s members to engage in traffic disruption activity in protest of the governments proposed 10% salary reduction austerity measures.

Based on the sentiments echoed on many call-in talk-shows on radio stations, most of the callers were not happy with the actions of the protesters.

The inconvenience to travelers and commuters on the highways lasted more than 15 minutes, and the damage to the country’s efforts to rebound the economy is believed to be much greater than the PSU anticipated or intending to achieve, because many non-Belizean observers and visitors may be of the opinion that it is a country on the verge of civil unrest.

The traffic jams, especially at the Haulover Bridge was backed-up for more than 3 miles and by the time the traffic resumed flow the effect lasted for several hours of the morning.