The testimony at the March 10th. hearing of the ‘Commission Of Inquiry’ came from as many as 5 persons. Most notable and damming was the testimony of Alfred Cal, who is a Sr. Lands Information Officer in the ministry of Natural Resources.

During that testimony it was revealed that Zhou Rong Li, also known as Kelvin Li was able to acquire 36 separate parcels of land in 2019-2020 from the Ministry, 23 of which are in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Documents presented by Mr. Cal also indicate that a parcel of land that was purchased in 2020 from the government for $2,000Bz$ has since been sold for $70,000Bz.$ earlier this year.

On one occasion Mr. Li received all his applications ( for 11 separate parcels) for land titles completed on the same day. Based on the evidence presented at the hearing it was concluded that someone within the Ministry of Natural Resource was aiding Mr. Li, that person has turned out to be (Corozal North Area Representative), former Minister of Natural Resources Hugo Patt.

According to records within the ministry, most applications for land titles normally takes 2-3 months to be processed.

In a shell-scheme that involved Juvencio Peter Herrera – a maintenance workman for Ivan Leiva, who owns an apartment building in Belmopan, the former Minister of Natural Resources Hugo Patt rented an apartment at the complex and met workman Herrera, who then borrowed $65,000.00 from Mr. Kelvin Li, – Herrera then lent that money to Hugo Patt to purchase a 2020 Toyota Tacoma.