The Ministry of Health & Wellness of Belize has confirmed that a new variant of the COVID-19 Virus entered Belize on January 12 VIA a member of the British Armed Forces (BATSUB).

According to the data currently available, the swab samples were sent to Baylor College in Houston, TX. where it was discovered to be a variant of the virus, which is technically known as U.K. Variant B.1.1.7 lineage or strain 20I/501Y.V1

The governments press release said
“As a part of the MOHW and BATSUB entry protocol, all troops entering Belize must bring in a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival. One hundred percent of the training troops must also undergo a mandatory re-swabbing with PCR on the first day after arrival.

Exercise troops must remain in complete quarantine until results are received. This process was precisely followed for the above case. The individual was isolated immediately and remained in isolation for 11 days. He was retested which yielded a negative result. At that time, he joined his battalion to continue with jungle training”.