Terror On Private Island – Lark Caye

***UPDATED BELOW – *** February 21st. 2021

There are many private islands in Belize, and just off the coast, about 7 nautical miles from Placencia is the private island and secluded camp of Lark Caye. Sometime Friday evening. ( February 19th.) the owner of that island was terrorized by at least 3 men.

According to Mr. Christian Gusenbauer the bandits shot up the house and stole his boat – (see update below) – Mr. Gusenbauer indicated via a post on Facebook (see post below) that he was shot and needed help. He reportedly said that the perpetrators spoke creole and even shot at his dog, who apparently must have tried to come to his aide and barking.

This is the most recent photo of the boat pier and entrance to Lark Caye ( Via Google Maps)

Christian Gusenbauer was rescued by units of the Belize police dept. who braved rough seas and went to the island and rescued him. He has undergone treatment for a single gunshot wound and is in fair condition.

Editors Notes: There are approximately 40 private islands off the coast of Belize ‘URL Resource‘ a private island is not open to the public or registered as a location where public bookings may be made. Private islands are by request/invitation only.

***UPDATE*** Sunday February 21st. 2021
The stolen boat was recovered a few miles from Lark Caye. The engine was gone.
From his hospital bed Mr. Christian Gusenbauer said that after a 4 hour surgery, there are still 14 shotgun pellets in his body that could not be removed, and 7 pellets were removed.