The Court Report – Tuesday, February 9th. 2021

90 year old victim tells court  his frightening ordeal-  in the end he did not see his attacker but surveillance footage capture the entire event

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
Belize City, Tues. Feb. 9, 2021

The trial of 23-year-old  Aaron Munnings kicked off this afternoon at 12 noon before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts- Anderson in the Belize City Magistrate’s court.

Munnings trial is a very sensational case since he is accused of robbing a 90 year old senior citizen on October 1, 2019.

The robbery was captured on surveillance camera where his attacker lay waited  him from inside the credit union, saw him  withdraw $2,000 then followed him as he rode off slowly on his bicycle; within seconds someone attacked him and ripping his pants pocket stealing his cash.

The elderly man tried hard to put up a fight but he was pushed to the ground and he fell near his bicycle, and Munnings was on top of him. 

During the trial, Prosecutor, Sergeant Christopher Smith called his first witnesses to the stand, the victim, now 91-year-old Lewis Llewelyn  Tillett.
On October 1, 2019 at the age of 90, Tillett was robbed.

He recalled his frightening experience that left him shaking in fear of his life.
Tillett  told the court that when he entered  Saint John’s Credit Union, he began negotiating with his teller and asked how much money he could withdrawn.

He said that when he enter the credit union, only one male person was sitting on a seat near where he was talking with the teller.

But he quickly dismissed the male present  and withdrew $2,000 cash.
After doing his  transaction, Tillett said he placed his cash into his pants pocket and exited the credit union.

He recall seeing the same man sitting in the seat got up, wave good bye to the teller, who he said waved back at the man and he exit  behind him. 

But right after he exited the building, Tillett said his six senses kick in and he looked around and did not see the man again as he walked to his bicycle parked on the bile rack and begin to ride off slowly.

But shorter after riding off, he heard footsteps coming towards him and as he looked towards the steps, he was attacked. 

The man pushed him and grabbed his pants pocket.  They began  to struggle as Tillett put up a fight  trying best to not let his attacker steal his money. But the elderly man was over-powered. The man ripped his pants pocket and ran off with the cash.

While Tillette left the stand without being  able to identify  Munnings as his attacker, he said that it was the same man who he saw left out of the credit union behind him.

After the victim gave his evidence, Aaron Munnings  was given an opportunity to cross examined Tillett but he chose not to ask any questions. 

Prosecutor Sergeant  Christopher Smith has about 2  other witnesses to call before closing his case against Munnings.

The prosecution case in sealing a conviction is relying on the surveillance footage captured at the credit  union  which put Munnings as the culprit from he was inside the credit union  and during  the entire robbery which lasted for two minutes as recalled by Tillett.

That video footage is evidence formed against Munnings that is yet to be viewed d in the trial.

Aaron  Munnings was unrepresented at his robbery trial. He was initially  remanded  for the robbery and was later granted Supreme  Court bail some four months later with conditions. 

The trial of Aaron Munnings  was adjourn for continuation on February 19, 2021.