The Court Report – Friday, January 22nd. 2021

The Hard-Knocks Of ‘Repeatedly Not Wearing A Face Mask’

61-year old car washer sentence to one month is jail for wearing no mask!

by: Anita  Nembhard-Flowers
Belize City, Belize
Fri. Jan. 22, 2021

Tonight 61-year-old Car Washer, Austin Godoy, a resident of Belize City was sentence to one month imprisonment for failure to wear a face mask when caught at the corner or Victoria Street and Barracks Road in Belize City

Mr. Godoy was unrepresented  when he appeared before Senior Magistrate, Tricia Pitts-Anderson in Court #3 where he pleaded guilty to the charge of failure to wear a face mask.

Upon entering  his guilty plea, Mr. Godoy begged the court for leniency asking for a fine and no jail time, saying, “I cannot handle being behind bars right now.”

But Senior Magistrate, Pitts-Anderson attention was drawn to the fact that Godoy has two previous  convictions for two SOE and was in debt to the court in the sum of $3,345.00.
Senior Magistrate,

Pitts was not convince that if she imposed another fine upon Gotoy that he would be able to pay it since he has fail to pay his previous fines imposed so she sentence  him to one month imprisonment effective today.

Since he was in debt to the court already, and order to pay $1,500 towards that old bill today, but in default of  a payment, Mr. Godoy has to spend more prison time to clear off his old debts.

In 2020 he was charged with failure to provide reasons  for being out during the curfew  hours when Covid-19 had just hit Belize. He was fine $2,510.00  and he was also fined $205.00 for not wearing a mask back then. A total of $2,715.00 plus he had $635.00 for other criminal offenses prior to those two SOE offenses he never  paid.

In total an additional 1 year and 2 months he will have to serve in default of his old fines.
In four days time, on Tuesday, -January  26, 2021, Austin Godoy will celebrate his 62nd birthday whilst serving time behind bars. 

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