How ‘Dumb’ Is The ‘SMART-STREAM’ Payment System

Former Employees From Labor Dept. Arrested for Syphoning Off Almost $36,000.00

Just 2 months ago, back in November 2020 (see news article) an employee from the Treasury Department was brought before the courts for out-Smarting the government’s payment system known as SMART-STREAM.

In that instance ‘June Belisle’ syphoned-off more than $91,000.00 (Ninety One Thousand Dollars ) from the system while employed at the Treasury Department where she was a ‘First Class Clerk’ .

That scheme involved ‘Fake’ Teachers that were being paid, when in-fact those persons were not teachers at all.

The official title of the accounting and payment management software system is known as “SmartStream | Financial Software & Managed Services

And unfortunately the system is not that SMART, because all payment systems should have a built-In verification and audit-management feature that should prevent users/employees from syphoning off payments; or it is not being utilize in a manner that prevents users from out-smarting the system.

Emany Sanchez and (R) Steve Murray Jr.

But, once again the SMART-STREAM system has been out-smarted, by 2 employees of the Labor Department; and collectively the syphoned off $35,787.56 into various bank accounts including their own bank account, the embezzlement occurred during June of 2019 to July of 2020.

Over the weekend (January 16th) they were arrested for syphoning-off money by tricking the SMART-STREAM System.

The former employees have been identified as (L) Emany Sanchez of Roaring Creek Village and (R) Steve Murray Jr. of Corozal Town. They were charged with 15 counts of theft.

According to reports both Sanchez and Murray fraudulently used the government payment system known as “Smart Stream” and transferred money’s into several bank accounts.

This is the second occasion in 2 months that employees from a government ministry have been arrested for diverting money by fraud VIA the government’s SMART STREAM payment system.

Which at this juncture; The way the software is being utilized‘ it could be code-named the DUMB-STREAM Payment System.

Written & Compiled by: digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Thursday, November 19th. 2020 –