The Dodge’y World Of – ‘It’s Not In My Possession’ Montero Say ‘Starting Gate’ Was Not In His Possession

Former Minister of Works ‘Rene Montero’ has issued a written letter/statement indicating that News Reports that a ‘Horse Race Starting Gate’ that was secured by police (see video) was not on his property.

The letter was in response to news reports and a video of a ‘Horse Race Starting Gate’ being towed away with a tractor from a property in Red Creek, in the Cayo District was in the possession of Mr. Montero.

In a letter sent to Belmopan Mayor in late December 2020, the San Ignacio based company “Cayo Steel Works” which built and donated the ‘Starting Gate’ clearly states that the ‘Starting Gate’ was in possession of Mr. Montero.

It is very likely that the ‘Starting-Gate’ was not in his possession as he states in his letter. But a government and a nation challenged with both a COVID-19 Crisis and the resulting financial hardship and a mountain of government assets that have vanished, including vehicles. it is very unlikely that the public will look kindly to those that are doing much better than those struggling to put food on their table.

In addition to all those letters, the Ministry Of Infrastructure issued a letter to the COMPOL which references actions to be taken against Mr. Montero.

This most recent incident of locating and returning government equipment; ( bought with the ‘People’s Money’ ) occurred a day after both the government, the DPP and the FIU have secured warrants to search homes for ill-gotten wealth; by former officials of the previous government.

One day after the General Election of November 11th. – police went to various properties on November 12th. and 13th. and secured several pieces of heavy equipment, including a bulldozer and a front end loader from properties reportedly owned by Mr. Montero .

It now seem to be a ‘Dodge’y-Game’ of who is in possession of the ‘Horse Race Starting Gate’

A reader has jokingly said that he knows of several ‘small time weed dealers’ that hides the weed in various locations nearby, and if apprehended, the weed is not in their possession either.