Is Belize Really Worse Than Jamaica and Haiti – In Regards To COVID-19 – We Don’t Think So !

Recent info being circulated by some media houses indicate that Belize is the most infected country in the CARICOM Union, even worse than Haiti,

We don’t think so!.
A recent verification by digitalBelize.Live check of data from the World Health Organization says that Jamaica has over 11,875 cases, but 8,212 recovered.

Then we too in Belize can report that we have 7,000 recovered persons. It is all a matter of how many recovered persons you report. – While we love our brothers and sisters in Jamaica, that data is too illogical to believe. After-all, the mire fact that Jamaica’s population is 9 times that of Belize’s population should give cause for skepticism.

BTW: – Pssst. Haiti has a population of 11.3-million, and it is widely documented that Haiti does not even have a ‘Garbage Collection System’ in most of its towns and cities’

In its primary city ‘Pot Au Prince’; which has a population of almost 3 million people, more than 70% of the population live much, much worse than the poorest Belize City impoverished neighborhoods, such as london-bridges swamp-shacks in gungolong.

No! we do not believe those data and the accuracy of such information is highly dependent on the reporting done by a government that does not even have a national health system and can report accurate information.

Many people in Haiti (over 300,00 people) are still living in temporary tent-cities that were created after the earthquake that occurred 10 years ago.

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Written & Compiled by: digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Tuesday, December 15th. 2020 –