Food Assistance & CASH-Transfer Program $150-$600 per Month – From World Bank & GOB

The Government has announced a new ‘Food & Assistance & Cash-Transfer Program’ that will be earmarked for Pregnant women, persons with physical disabilities, Children and the elderly. So far 36,000 people have been assessed for the program, which will begin on December 15th. to 23rd.

Beneficiaries will receive $150 – $600 per month for the next 6 months; depending of the composition of their households. – Only persons who did not receive assistance from previous programs will be eligible and will be screened for the assistance.

The program is primarily funded by some $19-million (BZ$) from the ‘World Bank’, which has been assisting countries throughout the region. This funding is supposed to assist those persons and families (18,000 households) that did not receive assistance in previous programs, and applicants will be required to participate in a ‘poverty-assessment eligibility screening process.