Many People Still Violate The COVID-19 Regulations Created To Protect Everyone

With the rapid surge of COVID-19 deaths and infections, and the weekend news that 2 doctors and 8 others have died on Saturday and Sunday, you would think that people would be extra careful and relax at home to keep themselves safe and to also abide by the regulations created to protect us all.

But!, unfortunately there are people who just don’t get it and still don’t take the threat of getting infected or arrested seriously.

Today the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams took to the airwaves and a media briefing, in which he explained the unbelievable actions of some people that got arrested for COVID-19 violations.

“Over the weekend 105 persons were arrested and charged for offenses under the Quarantine Regulations as follows:

Failing to wear a face mask or other face (mouth) covering whilst in public-41 people

Breach of curfew-28 people

Failing to practice social distancing- 5 people

Hosting a restricted social event- 7 people

Attending a restricted social event- 23 people

Transporting a passenger on a public transportation not wearing a cloth or other face mask or face (mouth) covering- 1 person.

This morning (Monday, Dec. 14th.) the first vaccine ( made by U.S based Pfizer ) were being administered in the United States this morning in New York.

In an interview on CNN – The founder of Microsoft “Bill Gates” (who predicted in 2015 that a pandemic may happen ) – was asked, “when do you think we will return to normal, ie: no face mask or physical distancing, etc. – ” he replied that by the summer of 2021 we (in the U.S) things will probably be closer to normal.

He also added that the vaccine should be available to the rest of the world before all Americans are vaccinated. saying – “We should not wait until the last American is vaccinated for the vaccine to be available to the rest of the world”

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