WhatsApp SCAM Is Happening On All Mobile Networks

Digi advises all mobile customers to be aware of an existing WhatsApp scam. Scammers are targeting mobile phone customers on all of the local networks in Belize.

The SCAMMERS are technically savvy and are getting confidential information by you just replying to their request.

They pretend to be a friend and then ask for a 6-digit verification codes that they ‘accidentally’ sent to your mobile number. Please see sample of message sent below:

“Hello, I’m sorry, I accidentally sent you a 6-digit code by text message, can you give it to me? It’s urgent.”

Once you provide them with this 6-digit code, scammers are then able to sign into your WhatsApp account from another device and locking you out of your account. Scammers then use your WhatsApp account to request verification codes from members in your contact list. Those who fall victim are also locked out of their accounts.

Digi urges all mobile customers to remain vigilant and disregard any request to share your WhatsApp 6-digit verification code.

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