COMPOL Chester ‘Some Businesses Are Not Following COVID Laws

This morning the COMPOL took to ‘Social Media’ to sound his displeasure that some businesses are not adhering to certain COVID-19 Regulations and allowing employees to remain at work.

‘Here Is His Comments’

A Message from the Commissioner of Police, “We continue to get reports that some business places are refusing to send home employees who have tested positive for Covid19. There are also reports that after an employee have taken the test and are awaiting results, the employee is being forced to go to work while the result is pending.

This should not happen, if an employee is positive such employee belong in isolation to recover. Once that employee is not in isolation then he is in breach of Isolation order and can be arrested.

Similar, once the employee has been swabbed and awaiting results, such employee must be in quarantine until the results are out. Where the employee do not remain in quarantine that too is an offense of breaching quarantine requirements.

While employers may refused to allow the employee who have tested positive or awaiting results to go in isolation or quarantine due to economic reason, they must understand that keeping such employee with the work place can be more detrimental to them as one infected employee can cause their entire work force to go down.

To take away from Dr. Musa’s advice, he said “personal behaviour and collective responsibility as Belizeans to follow prevention protocols and to look out for our fellow Belizeans, our family, friends, co-workers and especially the vulnerable in our society is the most important measure we can all take”. Yes to win this battle we cannot be selfish or self centered, we must think not only of ourselves but also of those around us.

I therefore ask that we all, and especially business places comply with the requirements of the law and other ministry of Health Protocols.

Wishing all my followers a blessed and productive day. Remember to follow the protocols and stay COVID free