New COVID-19 Data – Almost 1,000 Rapid Test Completed : 36.5% – 241 Positive Cases Found

At about 5.30pm this evening the Ministry of Health released the results of the new ‘Rapid Antigen Test’ that were conducted, and of the 982 test done, 241 positive cases were found, and the total deaths to date is 164, which means that there were 16 deaths in the past 3 days since the last report of 148 on Monday November 30th.

Many health professionals believe that the new tests are merely discovering more people that are carrying the virus and do not know. A more comprehensive analysis of the data would indicate if the infection rate is increasing.

Last week at the 1st. COVID-19 press conference by the new government, the M.O.H stated that for every 1 person detected to be COVID-19 positive, there are 7 undetected cases out there.
(for every 100 cases discovered, there are 700 people that are carrying the virus and undetected.)

The new graphical format of presenting the data seems to be an attempt to provide more information in a new 3 page format. ( MOH New Infographics Data Format Explained )

It seems to be a little more comprehensive than the previously used infographics, but what is most important is that the data should be ACCURATE, and must contain USEFUL INFORMATION that enables good results, ie: informs the public so that they act upon the data and in the end a reduction of COVID-19.
It should also be SMART-PHONE FRIENDLY.