Highlights of the 1st COVID Press Conference By New GOB

The new Government of Belize “Ministry of Health” held its first public press conference this morning from Belmopan and streamed LIVE on Facebook. The key point of this morning’s press conference is that a new ‘CURFEW’ will come into effect on Saturday Nov. 28th. at 9pm. to 5am. Sunday morning. The curfew will be in effect for 21 days until December 19th. during that time no bars or gyms will be open.

Other notable comments by Minister of Health Michel Chebat is that there will be more testing using the new ‘Rapid Tests’ and there will be increased mobile units testing in various parts of the country, (so expect to see an increase in the number of persons infected with COVID-19. )

According to the data presented by the MOH, there are, on average: 7 infected persons for every 1 person found to be COVID-19 Positive.


G.O.B Press Conference