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Jeffery Contreras Charged For Abetment To Murder Of Sean Menzies

by Anita Nembhard/Flowers

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Nov. 23, 2020

On Garifuna Eve, the Lancaster Community located on the Northside of Belize City was shock when a well-known city businessman, 57-year-old Sean Menzies was gunned down in front of his home.

Today, less than a week later, Belize City police has managed to crack the case and have made one arrest.

While the shooter whose identity is known but remains at large is yet to be detain, police have levied a charge of abetment to murder against a youth, 22-year-old Jeffery Contreras, a Baby Sitter of #18 Banak Street, Belize City.

Allegations are that on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Contreras purposely aided another in the commission of a crime, to with murder in the shooting death of businessman, Sean Menzies.

Contreras appeared this afternoon after 12:00 noon before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford in Court #2 in the presence of his attorney, Herbert Panton.

No plea was taken from him since the offense of abetment to murder is an indictable offense and due to the nature of the offense, no bail granted and he was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until January 25, 2021.

Reports are that sometime after 11:15 p.m., Menzies arrived at home on Lancaster Street and as he was taking a smoke in front of his home, he met his untimely death when a gun man open fire shooting him multiple times.

Police say Contreras along with the shooter, whose identity is known but he remains at large was caught on police surveillance footage.

Contreras was seen riding off on a bicycle going contrary to the flow of traffic shortly after the incident and he was detain by police.

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Burrell Boom Home Invasion 6 Arraigned

5 adults of Belize City and a 17 year old were arraign on charge of aggravated burglary!

“The group is accused of entering the home of Gary Samuels located on the Hattieville/Burrell Boom Road whilst armed with a gun and stole almost $20,000 in items from home”

By Anita Nembhard/Flowers

BELIZE CITY, Mon, Nov. 23, 2020

Tonight 6 persons, 5 adult and a minor 17 are on remand, the adults at the Belize Central Prison while the minor was remanded to the Wagner’s Facility.

This morning, after four nights in lock down, Belize City Police brought the six persons to be arraign at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a single charge of aggravated burglary.

They are 35-year-old Businessman/Bus Driver, Wendell Donald Hugh Lemoth who drives the Reggae Bus in the Jane Usher Boulevard area, and who is a resident of Reggae Street located in the Port Loyola area, along with 21-year-old Steven Palma, a laborer of Waight Street, Belize City, 23-year-old Shaquille Patnett, a Construction Worker of #12 Rivero Street, Belize City, 32-year-old, Ryan Welcome, a Stevedore of Port of Belize and a resident of #23 Caesar Ridge Road, Belize City along with the minor 17 of Southside Belize City.

The 5 adults and the minor who saw the charge read to him in the presence of the mother appeared before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford in Court #2

Ryan Welcome, charged for aggravated burglary
Shaquille Patnett, Charged for home invasion,
Donald Lemoth , charged for home invasion
Phillip Ashley Wallace for aggravated burglary
Steven Palma – Charged for home invasion

They all pleaded not guilty to the charge of aggravated burglary and due to the nature of the offense, they were denied bail and remanded into custody until January 25 2021. In court, Lemoth was represented by attorney, Norman Rodriguez while the other 5 including the minor was represented by attorney, Oscar Selgado who are in the process of filing bail application for the group as early as this Friday, November 27, 2020 through the Supreme Court.

In a report to police, Contractor, 53-year-old Gary Samuels, told police that at around 7:30 p.m., he along with his wife, Graciela Samuels, 54, a House wife along with their daughter, Sheila Pitts, 27, an Accountant, and her husband, Allan Pitts, 28, a Soft Ware Developer along with Samuel’s son, a 15-year-old minor student and their two grand children were inside his home when two dark skin men entered the house armed with firearms and were soon followed by four other men.

The men began to tie the hands of the adults with cable straps then they demanded money and jewelry.

While four of the men were inside, the other two stayed outside as guards, said Gary Samuels.

Whilst inside his 3 bed-room house, they robbed them of several items, with a total value of $17,754.000 belonging to Allan and Sheila Pitts and Graciela Pitts.

Shortly after the men left Samuels house, police who were informed of the home invasion and nabbed the men between Miles 14 and 15 on the George Price Highway inside a grey double cab Ford Utility vehicle where they were found in possession of the stolen household items in their possession.

At the crime scene police took pictures of 1 – 9mm Aguila brand pistol, 3 white cable ties, and 1 bullet fragment as evidence along with items stolen from inside the home.

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Guatemala youth on remand after accused of having sex with 13 year old girl!

By Anita Nembhard-Flowers

Belize City, Fri. Nov. 20. 2020

A Guatemalan youth is accused of having sex with a Belize City minor 13 years is on remand at the Belize Central Prison and is spending his first night in lock down at the Belize Central Prison, Kolbe Foundation, Hattieville.

22-year-old Alex Ortiz Jacinto, who is living in Belize undocumented was arraign this afternoon around 12 noon in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a single indictable offense of unlawful sexual intercourse upon a minor, 13 years 11 months
The sexual act is said to have occur on October 29, 2020 in Belize.

In court, Alex Ortiz Jacinto was only read the charge when he appeared before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford in Court #2.

No plea taken as the matter is being dealt with on indictment and due to the nature of the offense, he was denied bail and remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until January 20, 2021.

When asked in court his status, Jacinto told Senior Magistrate, Ford he has no residency in Belize nor does he have any permit to be in Belize just a passport.

This indicated that he has been living in Belize illegally hence why the Belize Immigration Department had been notify of his presence in the country.

While on remand, Alex Ortiz Jacinto is expected to be interview by Immigration Personnel and additional immigration charges is expected to materialized at the end of their investigation.

Alex Ortiz Jacinto claim he has been living in the Spanish Town area, Lords Bank, Ladyville.

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Clerk with Treasury Department Accused of Stealing $91,000.00 in Elaborate FAKE-Teacher-Fraud Scheme.

By Anita Nembhard-Flowers

Belize City, Fri. Nov. 20. 2020

A Belize City woman and former First Class Clerk with Treasury Department, June Belisle, 43, after two nights in lock down for a big Government theft was arraign in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a single charge of theft.

Belisle, a First Class Clerk and resident of #8048 Lacroix Boulevard and Gladden Street appeared this afternoon around 12:00 noon before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford in Court #2.

In court, Belisle was unrepresented and read the single charge of theft

Allegations are that between November 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020, she dishonestly appropriated the sum of $91,639.58, with intent to deprive the Government of Belize of such property.

Due to the quantity, Senior Magistrate, Ford explain to Belisle that the matter is being dealt with on indictable so she will not be taking a plea from her. She further explained to her that at a later date, when the case file is ready, a PI will be held and if sufficient evidence the matter will be send up to the Supreme Court for trial and that’s where a plea will be taken from her by a judge.

There was no objection in court by the prosecutor, Sergeant Kennard Clark hence why Senior Magistrate, Ford granted her bail in the whapping amount of $25,000 plus one surety of the same.

How did the police say Belisle carrier out the scheme and manage to steal so much money from the Government of Belize.

Well on October 14, 2020. At around 12:21 p.m., CIB police visited Treasury Department located at #1729 Coney Drive, Belize City where 54-year-old Anna Bennett, Accountant General for Treasury Department reported to them that between November 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020, $91, 639.58 was paid out to persons who after an internal investigation was conducted revealed that they were not lawfully employer by the Government and monies were paid out to them by one of their first class clerk by the name of June Belisle.

The investigation further revealed that statements were recorded by persons who received money who werre not Teachers or hired by the government.

The investigation also revealed that Belisle contacted 11 persons, all single mothers and told them that there was a financial assistance program for single parent where money will be deposited into their bank account every end of the month and whenever the monies were were deposited they would get a small portion of it and they must give her the rest.

Belisle then entered their names into the Smart System as they were Teachers hired by the Government of Belize amd made payments to them depositing monies into their bank accounts at either Atlantic Bank or Heritage Bank respectively.

Police say after the persons collected the cash, they took a portion of it as was directed by Belisle and handed over the balance to her.

A total of 11 payments were made to 11 persons between the period of November 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020 by Belisle. First payment made to a female amounted to $1,95292, followed by a second payment of $1,668.67, another payment of $15,018.03, $2,150.67, $21, 506.70, $1,909.67, $13,367.00, $1,668.67, $18,353.37, $1,909.67, all to a total of $91,639.58.

Police detain Belisle on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 after 8:51.