Hurricane Aid For Belize & Other C.A Countries- From IDB – World Bank Group & CABEI

On Friday November 20th. The ‘Inter-American Development Bank’ (IDB) and the ‘World Bank Group’, and the ‘Central American Bank for Economic Integration’ (CABEI) held a virtual meeting with leaders and ministers of Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, to update the action plan for helping these countries cope with the impacts of hurricanes Eta and Iota

The flooding caused by Hurricane ‘ETA’ and then Hurricane ‘Iota’ has devastated almost all farms in Belize that produce fruits, vegetables and grains. Additionally, some farmers have lost livestock, support equipment and animal-housing structures. The estimated damage is still being tabulated and at the writing of the article the damage to infrastructure, road and bridges and farms are in excess of $174-million (US$), most of which were not insured against flooding.

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In a statement released today (press release) The IDB, CABEI and World Bank Group, said

“The IDB’s response began immediately following Hurricane Eta and has been expanded in light of the damages caused by Hurricane Iota. In coordination with national authorities, United Nations agencies, the World Bank Group and CABEI, the IDB is advancing a joint action plan to finance humanitarian assistance and reconstruction works in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, the most severely affected countries. In Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Belize, the plan will finance measures to rehabilitate affected infrastructure”.

Written & Compiled by: digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Monday, November 23rd.. 2020 –