Who is Looking Out For The Public’s Assets ? – Entrusted To Government Officials

In the past few days after the November 11th. Election, digitalBelize.Live and Channel1Belize.com has received many communications about widespread and outrageous instances in which office equipment, vehicles, Heavy Equipment and Furnishings belonging to the Government of Belize, (Purchased with money belonging to the people of Belize ). has been taken or sold for a pittance to various persons.

This afternoon we spoke with P.S.U’s Dean Flowers for his comments on these most recent developments.

Mr. Dean Flowers begins by explaining that Belize’s signatory to The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) should not be the only mechanism to mitigate corruption but that the Government of Belize needs to make legislation to protect public officers.

Today, In a scathing letter to the ‘General Public’ the Public Service Union (PSU) has put a spotlight on the rampant abuse that happened in the months and weeks leading up to the ‘November 11th. Election.

The letter reads like a cry out for more ‘Democratic Oversight’ of the public’s purse and assets. The PSU Union members are acknowledging that much more need to be done to protect the public-purse and property entrusted to many in the previous administration.


Written & Compiled by: digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – digitalCaribbean.live Thursday, November 19th. 2020 – digitalbelize@gmail.com