The Emotional & Psychological Damage Being Caused By COVID-19

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We are all affected by this mysterious, unseen boogie-man called COVID-19, or SAR2 COVID bla-bla-bla or whatever the “hek yo-wah-kall-it”. – The mystery Boogie-Virus that operates like the cold or flu, then supposedly goes away and can come back, but can kill you , is too stressful to ignore.

The reality of an uncertain future that make us all have second thoughts about planning anything too far into next month, or lets say November or December, is taking a silent toll on our thoughts.

Some people have been out of work for months and have to worry about food and rent or god forbid, medicine for the elderly or sick children. This has never happened before and some of us are too strong and ignorant to recognize when others are silently suffering.

Some of us are praying to the almighty – – “ dear covid, please go the hek away to another planet. Oh sorry, Dear Lord, please protect us all, our family, our friends and please help Belize and the government so they can help all the people. Thank you Lord!.

We really don’t know where the hek COVID came from; some say China, others say its a silent war (“president of Uganda”) others say it’s some sort of secret population control project.

What we do know is that it is affecting the psychology of everyone. Children in Belize barely know if school will ever open this year, because it’s all dependent on what happens in the next few weeks. And similarly, those people who were steadily employed in the tourism sector don’t know what will happen next week or next month.

The prime minister mentioned at Friday’s virtual press briefing (August 21st.) that the World Health Organization does not recommend “more lock-down for entire countries” unless absolutely necessary. The reason that the W.H.O has made that recommendation is because they are getting fresh data that is indicating how damaging ‘lock-downs’ are to the emotional health of everyone.

  1. Exercise / Workout
  2. Eat Healthier than you use to
  3. Inform Yourself with “How To’s”
  4. Learn that hubby you always had a passion for.
  5. Play family board-games and communicate more with loved ones.
  6. Do not watch or listen to too much news about how bad the pandemic is.

Some Recommendations – Strategy for Emotional Survival
Since we are not doctors or therapist, we read many articles on the subject and found some very enlightened content that is worth sharing.

The Psychology of The Subconscious
Underneath the surface of how we behave is the subconscious, which is ever present in guiding our behaviour and thoughts. Someone once said that, “The subconscious trauma of COVID-19 is like driving down a dark road and listening to the radio telling you how many people have died on that same road”.

Watch Your Language
Sometimes the people with the best of intentions are using the wrong language to describe issues related to COVID-19, so I would like to share a few suggestions.

(a). People who have tested positive for COVID-19 are ‘Victims of COVID-19′

(b). In Belize, like many other places – the mare mention of the word ‘Mental Health: when describing some affected by COVID;s trauma is interpreted as “crazy“, and should be replaced with the words ‘psychological and emotional trauma of COVID-19′.

(c). The stigma is very damaging to a person’s self esteem, so we should all try to behave differently in the way we view the victims of COVID-19, because they did not cause it.

This Has Never Happened Before In Our Modern World
Nobody has ever dealt with this type of situation before, where entire countries are basically closed, or so infected that you wouldn’t want to go there.

The daily news blasts about COVID-19; and news that make some people not sure if work will be available for them or if your company or government will survive such an uncertain pandemic, is emotionally traumatic. Create confidence building plans within your family that speaks of better days ahead, ‘Because there will be!.

One of the strange comforts is that we are all in the same boat together, although some may have it better than others. Which should give us all the more reason to be more kind, more understanding and be ever mindful of the subconscious pressures and circumstances that can make things go wrong.

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The following flyer is from the Belize Ministry of Health, with some basic but useful tips about stress relief and stress management.

Helpful URL Resource: Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks

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