Westrac’s Phylanthrophy: Paid For All The Students School Fees

June 24th. 2020 – The managers of Westrac present a check to pay for the school fees of all students at Unity Presbyterian Primary School in Belize City.

The teachers, the students and the principal of these lucky schools in Belize City are all happy tonight. Thanks to some well needed donations from a good corporate citizen, Westrac.

Drive down Antelope Street Extension from Central American Blvd. and you will pass through one of the most challenging neighborhoods in Belize City; and the difficulties in that community is even more amplified by the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, that has left many people unemployed.

But the afternoon of Wednesday June 24th. was different, there was smiles from ear to ear and at least for the students and parents and teachers and especially the principal, this was a very good day.

As the principal stood at a podium in the church building, she explained how she got the phone call, and at first she was in disbelief, then she was elated to get the news that a donor will pay all the school fees for all the children that attend her school . All 255 students of Unity Presbyterian Primary School have received a donation of (a) 1 year of paid school fees, and (b) A book bag, Back-Pac.

The philanthropic work and efforts of WESTRAC Ltd. has been done before, but this time they got suggestions from several community organizations and then carefully made a choice of who should get a donation and how it would be disbursed. In this case, all the parents of students at that school will have a receipt that indicates that the school fees for the entire school year 2020-2021 is paid in full.

Earlier in the day, Westrac Ltd. donated to Queens Street Baptist School and similarly paid the school fees for all the students at that school.

Way to go – Westrac

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Written & Compiled by – digitalBelize.LIVE staff reporter: + channel1Belize.com