NEMO Issues Important Flood Advisory Due To Heavy Rains

The National Emergency Management Agency has issued a very important notice and advisory. Please find below the entire advisory, – Verbatim –

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THURSDAY 18TH JUNE 2020 as at 9:30 a.m.

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) hereby informs the public that due to excessive rainfall occurring over the last couple of days flooding is occurring in most communities and on the major highways throughout the country. A flood warning is in effect.

FLOOD WARNING: The public is advised not to travel on many secondary roads in the rural areas, and in particular on two of our major highways, due to the road approach near Mile 38 1/2 on the George Price Highway between Belize City and Belmopan, and on the Hummingbird Highway between Dangriga and Belmopan due road washout in St. Margaret’s Village.

If you do not absolutely need to travel, STAY HOME as only emergency (life-saving) travel is recommended. Parents are advised to monitor their children and do not let them play or walk in floodwaters. All are advised not to cross flooded rivers and creeks. SIX INCHES OF FLOOD WATERS CAN SWEEP YOU OFF YOUR FEET. If where you are is not safe, move to higher ground and move away from streams and riverside.

Motorists are asked to drive with extreme caution when driving the highways and secondary roads. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH FLOOD WATER, IT CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS.

The NEMO Emergency Hotline is 936. NEMO’s Emergency Coordinators can be reached as follows:

Corozal, Mr. Ronnie Hernandez at 614 7140;

Orange Walk, Mr. Aragon at 615 2264; or Mr. Leiva at 614 7177

Belize District, Mr. Alphius Gillett at 614 4735;

San Pedro, Ms. Vanessa Parham at 614 5865;

Belize City, Mr. Al Westby at 614 8604 or Mr. Kwame Scott at 601 0174, Mr. Pollard at 6143244;

Belmopan, Ms. Clare Moody at 614 5705; or Mr. Eiley at 624 2365

Cayo, Mr. Al Westby at 6148604 or Mr. Johnny Ramclam at 614 5891;

Stann Creek (Coastal- Dangriga including Mullins River to Independence), Mr. Kevin Flores at 604 3632

Stann Creek (Interior- Hummingbird and Southern highway communities), Mr. David Cruz at 614 8514; and

Toledo, Mr. Kenton Parham at 614 2158 or Mr. Dennis Williams at 610 8199

NEMO advises the public to stay tune to their local radio and television stations for updates from NEMO and to take the necessary action to safeguard life and property as the rains are expected to continue. Do not listen to rumours on social media or elsewhere.

This is a message from the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO.