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Many people may think that it will take many years for the global economic engine to get back to where it was prior to the COVID19 Pandemic, which, bey-the-way is still going on in many countries in the region.

In the Caribbean and Central America the dependence on tourism has become the Achilles-heel of their economic hardship and high unemployment.

But everyday the stock markets in most countries are open and all of the major industrialized countries in the world are cranking up their economic engine, BECAUSE!, no matter how bad the Corona-virus COVID-19 crisis gets, people have to get back to normal everyday life, there is no other option, and that means going to work and earning a living.

Sink or Swim – The Reality Of Tourism In The Caribbean
The tourism and hospitality Industry was a major part of all Caribbean country’s economy, and the governments of those countries have realized that they better do something fast, because there is no ‘sure-thing’ safety net. As independent nations they must navigate the challenges of the pandemic, just like every other country, or watch their economy’s die, and watch their people suffer.

Opening up airports and borders are just the first step in a strategy to restart your tourism industry, and that does not mean that the visitors will come, because there are no visitors banging at the doors of departure airports to travel to tropical destinations in the Caribbean. But there are strategists and resort owners and hoteliers and AD-agencies and government health departments that are doing all sorts of efforts to make their tourism industry swim through the crisis.

They are using sophisticated and low-tech methods to focus on the vacationer that made money and are making money during the pandemic, and are surely in need of a vacation.

They have created teams and situation rooms that are strategically facing the challenge like they are going to war. They are developing new policies to make the people who will visit feel very safe. and, They are developing new policies to keep their local population and workers safe.

Some strategist are tracking when each of the destinations in the Caribbean will open to foreign visitors . Here is a list of when various Caribbean island-nation will open their borders (airports & seaports).

Reopen date source: Official local government data collected June 3rd, 2020
COVID-19 data source: World Health Org. data.collected June 3rd, 2020

COVID-19 DNotes
Antigua and BarbudaJune 4th.26 3 None
ArubaJune 15 to July 1stNone
Bahamas Unknown10211None
BelizePlanned July 1st. 182 Uncertain
British Virgin Islands (UK)Unknown …………………………………………Phased reopening to residence
and other selected people with vested interest in the country
Cayman Islands (UK) Sept. 1st.1521 Uncertain
CubaJuly 1st.2,10783
DominicaUnknownPlan to open its borders to regional travelers on July 1st. or Mid July
Dominican RepublicJuly 1st.18,040516 Phased re-opening
The Dominican Republic has been hit the hardest by COVID 19 of all Caribbean country ‘s
JamaicaJune 15th.590 cases9
Montserrat (UK)Unknown111
Puerto RicoUnknown4,023140
Sint Maarten77 15
St. Kitts and NevisUnknown
St. LuciaJune 4th.180
Saint Vincent & Grenadines260
Trinidad & TobagoLate June1178Phased re-opening & conditional on COVID-19 decline
Turks and Caicos (UK)July 22nd.121

One of the leading websites that aggregate tourism data and tourism news in the region is, which has seen a huge up-tick in online ADs that focus on mitigating the fear of COVID-19, those AD-Agencies work for big-name resorts and small countries that are trying to attract visitors to those destinations.

The Maruba Resort in Belize

In Belize
Belize, St. Lucia and St. Vincent is a part of a handful of countries in the Caribbean that have not had any reported new cases of COVID-19 for more than 35 days now. This is supposed to position the country as having a huge advantage to market itself to foreign vacationers who have worked hard during the pandemic, and are now wanting to vacation somewhere safe from COVID-19.

Marketing & Communication Efforts
A resort in Cancun (Le Blanc Resorts) has developed a comprehensive housekeeping cleaning routine and made a 5 minute video to ‘specifically‘ mitigate the fears of COVID-19

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness pitched his country as ‘soon opening’ on CNN’s Business Editor at Large, Richard Quest.

Watching The Rest Of The World
The BBC’s Travel Show looks at the challenges in the near future. – Coronavirus: Flying in the age of Covid-19? – BBC Travel Show

Additional URL watch list
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