Landing A Drug Plane In Belize Is A Very Attractive Choice To Traffickers

This morning – (Thursday, May 28th.) – at approximately 6am a twin engine ‘Hawker 800 Jet’ (also known in the British military as 125-700) made a ditched landing near the village of Sarteneja in northern Belize.

No drugs were found on the aircraft or in the area, but the $2-$3 million U.S dollar Hawker 800 jet-aircraft is of such a high value that it’s cargo (if there was cargo) must have been much more valuable than the aircraft for it to be abandoned by the occupants.

The location of the aircraft and the proximity to both land and sea, and Mexico is of notice to law enforcement in all countries in the region.

Belize has an almost perfect geographical location for traffickers, who have been using very sophisticated means of transport their illicit cargo. so-much-so that it is a challenge to one of the most advanced country in the world, the United States, where most illicit drugs are destined for.

A Sophisticated Game Of Cat & Mouse ( the mouse are very hi-tech)
Back in January, an extensive news article in Forbes Magazine said that the U.S. Coast Guard Could Face A Narco Submarine Epidemic In 2020 , Drug traffickers have even hired submarine designers and engineers from eastern-block countries to help them design and build subs.

Below: U.S Coast Guard intercepts a narco sub heading toward the U.S

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