A Belize Free Of COVID-19 Is Uniquely Valuable – COMPOL’ Reminds The People & His Officers

Earlier today (May 27th.) the commissioner of police issued a memorandum to all police officers of the importance to keep up the enforcement of the new COVID-19 laws that are intended to protect everyone; and also to remind officers to use good discretion in this new normal of wearing face mask.

The official word on the SOe (state of emergency) states that it will continue until June 30th, but may be revised before that date, depending on, if the ‘COVID-19’ situation diminishes or increases.

The new-normal ‘Requiring Face-Mask’ has been a challenge to everyone, in most instances the person or person’s are not intentionally disobeying the law., but in some cases, there are people who do not want to abide by that simple requirement.

The extremely strict regulations (new Laws) are intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The fine for not wearing a ‘face-mask’ while in any public space is a whopping $5,000.00, and the penalty for illegally crossing the border into Belize is ‘Straight to Jail’ no questions asked.

So far 817 people have been arrested for not wearing a face-mask or face covering since the SOe came into effect on April 1st. and extended to June 30th. and 194 people have been arrested for being outside during curfew hours of 8pm to 5am.

The following is a recent memorandum issued by the COMPOL to his officers in the field.

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